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Trees Have A Low Albedo... And That's Good For Us

The term "urban forest" refers to all trees within a densely populated area, including trees in parks, on streetways, and on private property. Though the composition, health, age, extent, and costs of urban forests vary considerably among different cities, all urban forests offer some common environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Trees in a community help to reduce air and water pollution, alter heating and cooling costs, and increase real estate values. Trees can improve physical and mental health, strengthen social connections, and are associated with reduced crime rates. Trees, community gardens, and other green spaces get people outside, helping to foster active living and neighborhood pride.

Trees increase a home’s values aesthetically and by reducing energy costs. Recent studies actually showed that trees planted could increase a property’s value by 20%.

In fact, neighborhood streets with shady trees can be a staggering 6-10 degrees cooler than streets without trees. This not only affects the comfort of the neighborhood but also reduces the area’s energy needs.

Increase your home’s value by planting trees around your property. While they may not be mature yet, they will eventually grow and be enjoyed by residents for years to come.

Trees naturally conserve energy. They are nature’s original air conditioner. Trees have a process known as evapotranspiration, which is essentially the evaporation and transpiration processes merged. This equates to cooler, more moist air.

Trees also have a low albedo. Albedo is the solar energy that’s reflected off a surface and back towards space. The higher the albedo, the more solar energy is reflected back to space, often equating to higher temperatures.

It is important to note that leaves have a relatively low albedo, meaning the energy is absorbed.

It's amazing how many people from all walks of life are loving The Industrial Forest and it's mission of Sustainable Solutions.

By planting a tree in The Industrial Forest, it does more than symbolize the actions of planting a tree with a Social Media pic. It also creates several industry jobs, builds sustainable forests, repurposes marketing intentions, recycles natural resources, cleans the air, filters our water and reduces the planet's carbon footprint to name a few earthly benefits.

Did you know half the trees planted by non profits and city governments die within the first year? That's billions of dollars in wasted money and countless hours and resources wasted.

Industry can solve this issue too.

This progressive environmental project will create some amazing industry innovation awareness while capturing carbon for decades.

It's a Win. Win. Win. Win.... Win.

The first tree in The Industrial Forest will be planted by Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken who is working with us to ensure there is an Education and Awareness Industrial Forest Park in the city limits.

That's a 5-Acre Forest in the country and a 1-acre Park in the city.

This Rooted Marketing Project allows your company's message to grow into a Sustainable Marketing Program and brand to last for decades while consuming carbon too.

It Takes An Industry To Build A Forest


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