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Trees Add Jobs, Jump Start New Economies

With so many people still struggling to get on their feet, the role that trees can play in supporting the creation of jobs is more important and valuable than ever. Many reports and agencies claim that the "green industries' are responsible for two million jobs nationally.

The “green industry,” or most of the traditional horticultural industry, includes tree-related positions of varying skill levels including arborists, nursery and sod growers, landscape architects, designers and builders, contractors and maintenance firms, retail garden centers, home centers and mass merchandisers with lawn and garden departments, and marketing intermediaries such as brokers and horticultural distribution centers (re-wholesalers).

According to the Economic Impacts of the Green Industry in the United States report, this industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. It’s so robust, in fact, that it often experiences expansion even during recessionary periods.

Trees are also indirectly responsible for the thousands of other jobs required to make the many products that come in some way from trees. Everyday items like pencils, aspirin and chewing gum are part a trees economy. And don’t forget about the fruit and nuts industry—from apples and pears to almonds and hazelnuts, it creates $18 billion in business.

It's amazing how many people from all walks of life are loving The Industrial Forest and it's mission of Sustainable Solutions.

By planting a tree in The Industrial Forest, it does more than symbolize the actions of planting a tree with a Social Media pic. It also creates several industry jobs, builds sustainable forests, repurposes marketing intentions, recycles natural resources, cleans the air, filters our water and reduces the planet's carbon footprint to name a few earthly benefits.

Did you know half the trees planted by non profits and city governments die within the first year? That's billions of dollars in wasted money and countless hours and resources wasted.

Industry can solve this issue too.

This progressive environmental project will create some amazing industry innovation awareness while capturing carbon for decades.

It's a Win. Win. Win. Win.... Win.

The first tree in The Industrial Forest will be planted by Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken who is working with us to ensure there is an Education and Awareness Industrial Forest Park in the city limits.

That's a 5-Acre Forest in the country and a 1-acre Park in the city.

This Rooted Marketing Project allows your company's message to grow into a Sustainable Marketing Program and brand to last for decades while consuming carbon too.

It Takes An Industry To Build A Forest


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