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TrainND NW And The Industrial Forest Sign Deal To Create A Modern Day Social Media Procedure

TrainND Northwest and The Industrial Forest have signed a major deal to create a new social media procedure that will incorporate new voices in the workplace, ideas to promote inclusion and a diversity of employee requirements.

The training organization and modern media company have agreed that creating a “social media procedure” will allow companies and employees to have a professional training option as well as updating their own social media policy.

“One of the goals of creating a social media policy is to set expectations for what TrainND would deem appropriate behavior in a professional environment,” The Industrial Forest’s Jason Spiess said. “The intention behind our due diligence, meetings and research is to create guidelines for everyone so that an employee’s posts will not expose TrainND NorthWest or the state of North Dakota to legal problems or public embarrassment.”

In order to create the new policy, step one is due diligence.

“Researching and information gathering are designed to update the language and intentions in order to build an inclusive infrastructure to examine outcomes in speech, mental well-being, and civic trust in meta and real time,” Spiess added.

One of the tasks currently underway is to identify social media policies currently in use and conduct meetings with professionals, groups and task forces to ensure diversity and equality are represented as well as mental health considerations.

“So many employees are working with their social media pages open and accessible all day,” Spiess said. “Remote offices, mobile phones and second jobs are creating new social media issues in the workplace and updating our social media policy is long overdue.”

Once the procedure is complete, TrainND Northwest will look to help guide business and

industry in their development and adoption of their own social media procedures. This effort will add Social Media Training to their already existing business training options which include Project Management, Leadership, and various computer and application trainings for companies.

“We feel that this social media procedure project is timely and vital in ensuring that the TrainND Northwest organization and employees receive valuable guidance in how to best navigate social media and ensure that employee social media participation is used for moving the mission and vision of TrainND Northwest forward.” said Kenley Nebeker Executive Director of TrainND Northwest. “We are proud and excited to be leading the way in developing social media procedures in North Dakota and look forward to advising any other entity that may want to provide similar guidance for their employees and organization as a whole.”

The Social Media Procedure is scheduled to be finished by October and will also be presented at the Minnesota Schools Public Relations Conference Oct 27. Spiess will also be presenting a Professional Podcast Policy at the conference.

About TrainND NorthWest

TrainND Northwest is a division of Williston State College (WSC), a two-year public

community college in the North Dakota University System (NDUS). The North Dakota

State Board of Higher Education is the policy-setting and advocacy body for the NDUS.

For more information on the governing body, officials and faculty, please refer to the

WSC Catalog at TrainND Northwest is located at the Workforce

Training Campus of WSC. Construction was completed in 2015, and facilities include

classrooms, offices, The Bistro (food service), conference room, field training simulators, nursing lab, and computer lab. An outdoor yard holds mobile equipment, commercial vehicles, a range of crane types, a workover rig, and field safety training equipment.

TrainND Northwest meets the workforce training needs of northwestern North Dakota

as part of TrainND’s statewide workforce training network. TrainND Northwest believes

that partnerships with business and industry foster an environment of continuous

improvement to provide North Dakota with a competitive workforce. TrainND

Northwest works with business, industry, government agencies, and non-profits

to assess training needs and deliver timely, relevant, training that maximizes employee

productivity and improves entity performance.

To contact Kenley Nebeker, email

About The Industrial Forest

The Industrial Forest is a network of environmentally minded and socially conscious businesses that are using industrial innovations to build a network of sustainable forests across the United States.

In addition to building forests outside, The Industrial Forest creates sustainable environments inside. Social Media Procedures, Podcast Studios and Intention Insights are

several examples of how The Industrial Forest is cleaning up industrial integrity and preventing professional pollution.

To contact Jason Spiess, email

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