The Industrial Forest Schedules Public Meetings

The Industrial Forest's first public meeting for North Dakota's The Industrial Forest is scheduled for Wednesday September 28. Very excited to start the Public Meetings of Total Transparency.

It's amazing how many people from all walks of life are loving The Industrial Forest and it's mission. We sold out of The Industrial Forest products during the 4th of July post-parade celebrations.

Other Scheduled Public Meetings for The Industrial Forest:

Gillette, WY - Thursday September 2

Fargo, ND - Thursday September 30

Houston, TX - Thursday October 21

By planting a tree in The Industrial Forest, it does more than symbolize the actions of planting a tree with a Social Media pic. It also creates several industry jobs, builds sustainable forests, repurposes marketing intentions, recycles natural resources, cleans the air, filters our water and reduces the planet's carbon footprint to name a few earthly benefits.

Did you know half the trees planted by non profits and city governments die within the first year? That's billions of dollars in wasted money and countless hours and resources wasted.

Industry can solve this issue too.

This progressive environmental project will create some amazing industry innovation awareness while capturing carbon for decades.

It's a Win. Win. Win. Win.... Win.

The first tree in The Industrial Forest will be planted by Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken who is working with us to ensure there is an Education and Awareness Industrial Forest Park in the city limits.

That's a 5-Acre Forest in the country and a 1-acre Park in the city.

This Rooted Marketing Project allows your company's message to grow into a Sustainable Marketing Program and brand to last for decades while consuming carbon too.

It Takes An Industry To Build A Forest



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