The Industrial Forest Recycles, Repurposes Sustainability, Intentions

The Industrial Forest announces their intentions with reusing and repurposing the custom stability stakes included with company sponsorships.

These company branded stability stakes will assist the trees with their root development. After the sponsored tree has an established foundation of roots, the stability stakes will be RECYCLED and REPURPOSED into a decorative fence in The Industrial Forest.

Rooted Marketing also offers an ESG approach to energy engagement. The Industrial Forest is designed to create seeds of positive intentions for marketing and public relation departments to grow roots. Rooted Marketing is built to be SUSTAINABLE, in that it continues to offer branding opportunities for years, if not decades into the future.

There is more to Rooted Marketing than just checking items off a list. Rooted Marketing is about establishing TRANSFORMATIVE ACTION to your marketing efforts. It is about establishing your company’s brand in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

Rooted Marketing is beyond a concept or strategy, rather it is about reimagining their intentions.

Another sustainable aspect of The Industrial Forest is the use of rocks, artists and industry. Every tree planted in The Industrial Forest will need to be marked before planted. Rather than using paint or a ‘X’ marks the spot, The Industrial Forest is hiring industrial mixed media artists to engrave rocks and stones.

There are two art choices for the Official Tree Marker. One marker will showcase The Industrial Forest logo, whereas the other the company’s logo. The complexity of the sponsor’s logo may have final say, but the intention is that every company will be able to choose which Official Tree Marker best aligns with their branding strategy.

The K9 Pipe Inspections marker was engraved on Pennsylvania Blue Stone by Gale Street Studios.

Part of the The Industrial Forest mission is awareness. Awareness of industry, inclusion and diversity. In this example, a Wyoming-based company has their logo on a piece of Pennsylvania Blue Stone hand engraved by an industrial mixed media artist in New York which will be placed as a marker in The Texas State Industrial Forest.