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The Industrial Forest Announces Texas for Year One

Jason Spiess, host of The Crude Life, announces The Industrial Forest at the Oilfield Connections International lunch meeting at the Rolling 7's Ranch located in the Permian Basin between Midland and Odessa, Texas.

The Industrial Forest is a network of environmentally minded and socially conscious businesses that are using industrial innovations to build a network of sustainable forests across the United States.

The trees are planted by the local communities and sponsored by companies looking to make transformative action and show industrial integrity.

Sustainability Sheds and a Critical Pipeline System are constructed to ensure the trees survive and consume carbon for decades.

The Industrial Forest will build a layered forest in all 50 states over the next five years. Through the support and innovations of industry, The Industrial Forest will unite companies and plant 1000 trees in 50 states for the goal of 50,000 trees.

The Permian Basin is one of the locations being considered for The Industrial Forest as well as a city park that is an Education, Walking and Shade Mico-Industrial Forest.

The introduction is done by Tiffany Wilson, Aries Buildings and there were approximately 175 people were in attendance.

To learn more about The Industrial Forest, visit

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