Sustainable Solutions Straw Sampler Unite, Educate Industry And Environment

Single-Use Plastics are the new buzz words beginning to pick up steam in American municipalities and climate cultures. While many coastal states and cities have taken the lead on banning single-use straws and grocery bags, some have yet to see the impact as clearly or noticeably as those with water and coasts.

Single-use plastics isn't going away anytime soon, but which single uses may. For example, grocery bags, straws, food packaging, bottles, straws, containers, cups and cutlery are often cited as single-use plastics, whereas, safety plastic seals for food, vaccines and merchandise go unmentioned.

Without getting into the politics or nuances involved with picking and choosing which plastic we should allow on this planet, let's just say the writer for this article believes that plastic straws are one of the plastic items that makes sense to try to eliminate from our daily lives.

As long as I have broken the fourth wall of journalism and inserted by personal belief into this content, I do not use a straw. About 99% of the servers and bartenders in my lifetime have given me a straw without asking. Comes with the drink. Goes unused and wasted.

Now I am not alone. There are many other people who do not use straws. There are many people who use straws too. So The Industrial Forest is asking people to change their Intention and Perspective towards straws.

If you are a business owner set a new policy that invited patrons to ask for a straw. This will save you money in wasted straws. This is gain you eco-points with Mother Earth too.

Next purchase and stock paper or plant-based straws for those patrons who ask for straws.

If you are an individual, try a few Sustainable Solution Straws and see which ones best fit your lifestyle. If you are a straw user, look into permeant straws made of bamboo, stainless steel and thicker BPA Free plastic ones.

The Intention behind this Sustainable Solutions Straw campaign is to create a new mindset of momentum towards energy, industry and environment working together to make all living things thrive and stay alive.

If someone would like to try out a few types of plant-based and paper straws before committing to an Industrial Forest lifestyle, the sample pack may just the thing.

The Industrial Forest Studios Presents: Seeds of Sustainability Series

The Sustainable Straw Sample Pack - Only $7.99 with the Promo Code OTIS (Regularly $9.99).

Plant Based Straws Included

1 - avocado pit (long white)

1 - carrot (orange)

1 - charcoal (gray)

1 - beet (reddish)

1 - green tea (dark green)

1 - grass (light green)

1 - bamboo reed (tan)

1 - corn (black)

4 - paper (red, white, blue)

*** occasionally a yellow straw made of turmeric or a blue straw made of butterfly pea flower is included in lieu of another straw.

Order a sustainable Straw Sample Pack and become part of the solution! The profits and proceeds for this series go to The Industrial Forest.

Join The Industrial EcoLution and begin planting seed money towards sustainable solutions. For less than ten bucks you can have a fun and useful gift that helps industry create jobs, saves the planet and becomes an excellent conversation piece for your family about industry and environment helping each other become stronger. cleaner and smarter.

You may use the Promo Code OTIS for an instant savings.

Click here for Sustainable Solutions Straw Sample Pack

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