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Rooted Marketing is Essential for Transformative Action and ESG Certifications

The Industrial Forest announces Rooted Marketing for companies looking to plant marketing seeds today for years or even decades of environmentally-conscious branding and public relations.

Rooted Marketing also offers an ESG approach to energy engagement. The Industrial Forest is designed to create seeds of positive intentions for marketing and public relation departments to grow roots. Rooted Marketing is built to be sustainable, in that it continues to offer branding opportunities for years, if not decades into the future.

There is more to Rooted Marketing than just checking items off a list. Rooted Marketing is about establishing Transformative Action to your marketing efforts. It is about establishing your company’s brand in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

Rooted Marketing is beyond a concept or strategy, rather it is about reimagining their intentions.

One example in Transformative Action is companies electing to sponsor a tree and building a sustainable forest rather than purchase thousands of throw away SWAG items. By shifting thousands of dollars spent on a one-time two hour lunch sponsorship at an industry event to planting a tree instead will plant seeds of ESG branding for decades.

Another example of Transformative Action are companies understanding how their spending is impacting society and the environment. Consider when a company spends $15- $30K to sponsor a company logo on thousands of plastic disposable water bottles at a two-day trade show, what is the potential of the message?

Could you imagine what would happen if someone took a picture of an oil and gas company’s logo on a disposable bottle of water? Now imagine if that plastic water bottle didn’t make it in the recycle bin. Or even the trash bin and it ended up as litter.

We live in a world where everyone has a camera and social media account, while many environmental activists would love to put a picture like that on Google Images for the world to use.

Rooted Marketing is about understanding that for around the same price as sponsoring plastic water bottles at a trade show, a company could obtain The Industrial Forest naming rights for one of the states and have decades of carbon consuming marketing material and opportunities. Or it could end up as branded litter on Google Images.

Rooted Marketing is about diverting your company’s efforts and energy towards sustainability and transparency.

Another sustainable aspect of The Industrial Forest is the use of rocks, artists and industry. Every tree planted in The Industrial Forest will need to be marked before planted. Rather than using paint or a ‘X’ marks the spot, The Industrial Forest is hiring industrial mixed media artists to engrave rocks and stones.

There are two art choices for the Official Tree Marker. One marker will showcase The Industrial Forest logo, whereas the other the company’s logo. The complexity of the sponsor’s logo may have final say, but the intention is that every company will be able to choose which Official Tree Marker best aligns with their branding strategy.

The K9 Pipe Inspections marker was engraved on Pennsylvania Blue Stone by Gale Street Studios.

Part of the The Industrial Forest mission is awareness. Awareness of industry, inclusion and diversity. In this example, a Wyoming-based company has their logo on a piece of Pennsylvania Blue Stone hand engraved by an industrial mixed media artist in New York which will be placed as a marker in The Texas State Industrial Forest.

The use of rocks as markers demonstrates how to recycle the natural resources from Mother Earth by creating a carbon-based solution to marketing.

Furthermore, Stability Stakes are needed for the newly planted tree. The Industrial Forest not only engraves the company’s name into the wooden stability stake, but those stakes are recycled into a decorative fence.

The Industrial Forest also offers further ESG development in pockets of industry by using small local businesses who are environmentally conscious about the community as well as the economy.

Energy Ethics, Industrial Integrity and Total Transparency are driving behaviors and motivators for The Industrial Forest and its development of biodiversity.

Millions of trees have been planted over the past 30 years and nearly half die within the first year. From non profit tree planting events to municipal tree planting programs, it’s a real life problem and a serious eco-issue.

Lack of watering, transplant shock, special interests and poor growing conditions are a few reasons why trees are having a difficult time surviving. These are some of the reasons The Industrial Forest created the phrase – It Takes An Industry To Build A Forest.

In order to ensure the trees survive for decades, The Industrial Forest will implement a Sustainability Shed and a Critical Pipeline System.

According to The Industrial Forest’s mission, the project does more than build sustainable forests, it also creates jobs and economic opportunity.

The Industrial Forest will hold public meetings in each of the states leading up to the Planting Party and community BBQ. These public meetings are designed to provide engagement, communication, awareness, inclusion, transparency and flora direction from county extension officials.

The plan is to build a network of industrial forests across the United States by planting 1000 trees in 50 states over the next 5 years. The construction of The Industrial Forests will start in 2021 with 5 states. First year states are North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. In 2022, 15 states are scheduled.

The ESG-themed goal is for a minimum of 50,000 trees and 10 million pounds of carbon consumed by Mother Earth. The word “minimum” is used because several cities are exploring the idea of a Micro-Industrial Forest walking and awareness park within the city limits to compliment the 5-acre forest outside city limits.