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Making a Social Impact

The Industrial Forest does more than plant trees. It offers an opportunity to become a leader in the environmental movement.

The Industrial Forest does more than manage the sustainability of the forest and carbon consumption. It addresses important social issues, including diversity, inclusion, education, military support, while providing hope to those in need.

Everyone uses energy, therefore everyone should contribute to the energy transition happening across the planet. That is why we are asking anyone and everyone to Join The Industrial EcoLution.

The Industrial Forest encourages all forms of industry to unite and build a forest.

People are essential to making this project work. Plastics are critical for the pipelines which allows water management. Mulch and rock are used for water filtration and erosion control.

Industry is vital in environmental progress and sustainable futures.

Industry and Environment working together lower crime rates, lower health insurance costs and create new economic opportunities.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago.”

- Warren Buffett

For more information on The Industrial Forest, email

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