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Layers of The Industrial Forest

Layers are one of the many tools used to design functional ecosystems which are sustainable and of direct benefit to humans. Our industrial ecosystems have a number of relationships between industry and environment.

Layers of Prep Work

Locate Site

Community Prep Work

Design Sustainability Shed

Engineer Critical Pipeline System

Fundraising and Eco-Sponsors

Layers of The Industrial Forest

The Canopy Layer

Sub-Canopy Layer

Shrub Layer

Herbaceous Layer

Ground-Cover Layer

Underground Layer

Vertical/ Climber Layer

Layers of Costs and Needs

Land/Permits/Taxes/Red Tape

Trees Species

Sustainability Shed

Water Tanks

Drip Pipeline

Water Well

Power Source

Stakes/Marker/Site Flags

Crushed Rock/Mulch


Public Meetings



Content Creation

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