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Industry Increasing Inclusion, Embracing Diversity

By creating inclusion, providing hope, empowering communities, displaying diversity and recognizing service, the Industrial EcoLution will reinvent the Industrial Image.

By building a network of Industrial Forests, the collective mission will be making an impact with Environmental Action and showing leadership in Energy Integrity.

By joining the Industrial EcoLution, you’ll be part of a global network of eco-conscious businesses ready to take that next step. Companies who are making an impact on the environment, community development and industrial image.

All walks of life are included and encouraged in the documentation of The Industrial Forest. We will capture demonstrations showing the sacrifice and sustainable innovations that are supporting the environment.

Anyone and everyone is invited to plant and play at The Industrial Forest’s Planting Party and join The Industrial EcoLution.

By joining The Industrial Forest, you’ll be a part of a network of passionate people who aren’t afraid to get a bit dirty and demonstrate Environmental Action.

It’s a new era of energy and environment and inclusion and diversity are essential building blocks to a brighter future.

“The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin.”

- Wangari Maathai

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