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ReImagine Industry

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

America was built on the strength of cooperation and innovation. The Industrial Forest carries the same spirit as mega-projects like the Trans-Continental Railroad and the Hoover Dam.

No single person is big enough to be able to take on this environmental energy project. Much like the Hoover Dam, many contractors, volunteers and community leaders will be needed to create a progressive movement. The network and logistics of The Industrial Forest will Reimagine Industry and Reinvent Energy.

The Industrial Forest does more than bring industry to life. Outdoor community planting parties foster teamwork, nurture the imagination, increase the community’s sense of ownership over their engagement. All while learning a conservation work ethic and logistics of industrial living.

When communities understand that how Industry works along with the natural designs of nature, everyone benefits. When nature accepts environmental innovations from Industry, everything improves. Communities are stronger, more economically competitive and the trees are healthier and happier too!

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