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Updated: Jan 6, 2022

What is The Industrial Forest?

The Industrial Forest is a network of environmentally minded and socially conscious businesses that are using industrial innovations to build a network of sustainable forests across the United States.

What is The Industrial EcoLution?

The Industrial EcoLution is a global network of eco-conscious businesses taking Environmental Action by building Industrial Forests in all 50 states. This movement provides an opportunity for leaders to take action, build sustainable greenspace, create jobs and become a demonstrator in the environmental movement.

Where is The Industrial Forest?

The Industrial Forest will build a layered forest in all 50 states over the next five years. Through the support and innovations of industry, The Industrial Forest will unite companies and plant 1000 trees in 50 states for the goal of 50,000 trees.

Why The Industrial Forest?

According to a number of studies, nearly half the trees planted over the past 20-30 years die within the first year. Lack of watering, transplant shock and poor growing conditions are a few reasons why trees die. The Industrial Forest uses a Sustainability Shed and a Critical Pipeline System in order to ensure the forest’s survival. Trees need more than just an Instagram Pic or a corporate-sponsored field trip. They need water everyday for one year and at least once a week for years after.

What is a Sustainability Shed?

A Sustainability Shed is a self-watering, self-monitoring, insulated building to ensure the forest receives adequate maintenance for at least five years.

What is a Critical Pipeline System?

Pipelines are an excellent method to direct the flow of water and distribute precision amounts. Pipelines not only allow daily watering of trees, but also save up to 70% of water.

Will these be private, public or turned into a park?

Yes. Yes. And yes. The dream scenario would be a roadside rest area or city park, however, red tape, bureaucracy, politics and other special interests often get in the way of something as simple as planting trees. In order to ensure trees are planted as soon as possible, each state will start out as private industry planting on private land. Over the course of each state’s timeline, communities and counties will have an opportunity to manage or maintain The Industrial Forest. However, our main objective is to build sustainable forests, not create Instagram Pics or waste time and energy.

Who will plant The Industrial Forest?

Kids, adults, dogs, eco-enthusiasts and industry will unite to plant 1000 trees in their state for the common united goal of 50,000 trees. The Industrial Forest Planting Party will have a good old-fashioned oil and gas BBQ to set the tone. The first Planting Party is scheduled for September 2022 in Bismarck, ND.

How will I know my trees are planted and alive?

There will be automated monitoring systems in place as well as on-site maintenance checks with The Industrial Forests for three to five years.

Why are you holding public meetings?

To provide engagement, communication, awareness and transparency. The Industrial Forest will meet with local officials, civic leaders and industrial experts to ensure the trees survive, produce an ecosystem and absorb carbon for decades. The project will stimulate community economies by purchasing young trees from local nurseries, stability stakes from fabricators and flora direction county extension agents.

Can Industry and the Environment co-exist?

Yes they can and have. Some studies have shown up to 96% of what we use on a daily basis uses some form of petroleum. From the toothpaste we use to the toothbrush to solar panels to wind turbines, it all uses petroleum. When communities understand that how Industry works along with the natural designs of nature, everyone benefits. When nature accepts environmental innovations from Industry, everything improves. Communities are stronger, more economically competitive and the trees are healthier and happier too!

Is The Industrial Forest a Non Profit?

No. Originally set out to be a non profit, The Industrial Forest quickly became a member of private industry. No matter how we sliced and diced it, there was no way we could keep our sponsorship rates as low as they are as a non profit. Private industry can cut through much of the special interests and bureaucratic red tape to save time and money.

Do you expect companies to sponsor without being a Non Profit?

Yes we do. The Industrial Forest is asking companies to plant a tree rather than purchase thousands of plastic SWAG items. We are asking companies to sacrifice a one time trade show lunch sponsorship. We are asking companies to reimagine their investment when spending $25K to have their logo on thousands of plastic disposable water bottles over a three day conference. We believe there are companies willing to repurpose their intentions as well as their investments for 20-plus years of environmental action.

Will my business sponsorship allow me to receive Carbon Credits?

Yes, when they are approved by the proper governmental agencies. Part of a company’s sponsorship of a tree in The Industrial Forest is the potential for Carbon Credit rights. Carbon Credit Verification requires a unique set of procedures, costs, or resources that are not always available when prioritizing reforestation for environmental restoration purposes. Such certifications will be made on a case-by-case basis by our sponsors and partners. If The Industrial Forest is ever certified as an official Carbon Credit source, the sponsors will receive the carbon credits.

Do you have an educational presentation or materials?

Yes. Part of our community meetings is student engagement. Our educational approach is Industry Integrity and Environmental Action. First hand demonstrations of industry working together with the earth offers hope for co-existence to tomorrow’s leaders.

What types of businesses will be used in this project?

The project will stimulate community economies by purchasing young trees from local nurseries, stability stakes from fabricators and flora direction county extension agents.

What is the link between bees and forests?

Much research has shown that forests are beneficial to bees. Bees and trees are interdependent and have been perfecting their relationship over the last 50 million years or so bringing about pollination and the production of viable seed. Trees do not need bees simply for their own reproduction but for maintenance and regeneration of the whole system within which trees exist. The more species of fruits and seeds generating within an ecosystem the greater its diversity and the richer its life carrying capacity. Trees and bees represent a truly harmonious symbiosis. To this end, patches of The Industrial Forest will have bee-friendly plants to ensure a bee-friendly forest.

Can I get involved with my state and The Industrial Forest?

Yes you can! We have volunteer roles, sponsorship roles and social media encourager roles too. Just send us an email with your inquiry and interest and we will get our State Industrial Forest Supervisor in touch with you.

What type of trees are planted?

The tree species depends on the forest location. For each area, only native species are used. This is beneficial because native trees are uniquely adapted to the local habitat. They help the soil regain its health and support wildlife and ecologically important organisms. We work with the local county extension offices and horticulture clubs to ensure these native goals are obtained.

Can sponsoring one tree in The Industrial Forest really make a difference?

Yes. As soon as a tree is planted, it starts pulling carbon dioxide out of the air. Over the tree’s lifetime, it can absorb approximately one ton of CO2. That adds up when you consider the whole forest.

What is the difference between a Sponsorship and a Donation or In-Kind?

Sponsorships financially fund The Industrial Forest, whereas, donations and in-kinds offer their unique services or items to advance the mission without charge. Donations and in-kinds are tracked for tax-purposes and given proper credit throughout the process for marketing and public relation opportunities.

Can we use picture, videos and content from The Industrial Forest?

The Industrial Forest will have two types of content. One shared with the world through social media and press releases. There is another shared folder of content exclusive to our sponsors. A portion of The Industrial Forest sponsorship is content creation for companies to use for their own company’s marketing strategies. Public relations, industrial educational and environmental action are just a few of the awareness arrows of possibilities in The Industrial Forest’s quiver of ESG opportunities.

Can we use one of the business models from The Industrial Forest?

Yes. One of the missions is to show the world how It Takes An Industry To Build A Forest. Every region will require a different strategy, every year will bring new information and ideas to the mission and every state will have its own set of regulations. There will be ample documentation with the dynamic and evolving business models for The Industrial Forests. But in the end, the intellectual property will be shared with the world.

What is Rooted Marketing?

Rooted Marketing plants many seeds of content and engagement opportunities for your business. Decades of environmental action, social media content and a network of eco-conscious businesses to name a few of the roots grown in The Industrial Forest.

How are the sponsorships and donated resources used?

Here are some of the costs involved with The Industrial Forest - Land/Permits/Taxes/Red Tape, Trees Species, Sustainability Shed, Water Tanks, Drip Pipeline, Water Well, Power Source, Stakes/Marker/Site Flags, Crushed Rock/Mulch, Travel and other “unknown” costs.

Public Meetings, Administration/Engineering, Website/Art/Media, Content Creation

How can my business sponsor a tree in The Industrial Forest?

It’s easy. Simply put a minimum deposit down to reserve your sponsorship today. There are two more payment deadlines (April and July) to satisfy third party work orders and delivery times.

Will you plant more than a 1000 trees per state?

Perhaps. The mission is to plant a minimum of 1000 trees per state. However, that is just our minimum. We are currently working with several cities on a one acre walking and sitting Micro-Industrial Forest. These Micro-Industrial Forests bring the 5-acre concept to the city for education, awareness and engagement opportunities.

What are Stability Stakes?

Stability stakes give the trees some extra support for the first year or so. After that, the Stability Stakes will be repurposed into a decorative fence for The Industrial Forest. This will also create jobs and inject economic stimulus into the local community.

What are Logo Markers?

Rather than put an X on the ground, custom name and logo rock markers will be used. Companies can elect to keep the markers in The Industrial Forest or display it back in the office next to the state softball trophy and Company of the Year Plaque.

Is the sponsorship an annual fee?

No, it is a one-time sponsorship. The mission is to have industry build a sustainable forest and share the intellectual and environmental concepts with communities across the world. This sponsorship is set up to grow an initial sponsorship seed into 20-plus years of environmental marketing opportunities and carbon consumption.

How can I Join The Industrial EcoLution?

Go to and select your level of participation. Next make a deposit on your tree sponsorship. Shortly after The Industrial Forest Tree Builder Certification and a timeline/overview will arrive in your email box.

More questions? Email: